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Create an immersive experience for self renewal and connection to nature. This package includes: one over night stay, light breakfast, Holistic Class and contemplative destinations.

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Welcome to Oshun Mountain Sanctuary, Inc. (doing business as OM Sanctuary).This non-profit organization was formed in 2012 as a response to the increasing number of people of all ages, cultures, and income levels seeking holistic and healthy methods for stress reduction, living in balance, embracing sustainable practices, and bringing inspiration into their personal and professional lives.

green initiatives fund“Whole people are needed to create a whole planet, with each action creating a ripple affect of positive change for generations to come.”
~Shelli Stanback -President/Founder

Symbolism behind the Name: OM Sanctuary

O is for Oshun: Renewal, compassion, nurturing, creativity, and joy
M is for Mountain: Strength, rising, grounding and stability
Sanctuary: Sacred space, beauty, contemplation and rejuvenation


MISSION: To inspire healthy lifestyle practices through holistic education and connection with nature.

VISION: We envision healthy individuals living in harmony with nature and community.

Core Values

  • Disconnect to Reconnect: Disconnecting from the modern pace to reconnect to one’s natural rhythms and wisdoms.
  • Whole Systems Thinking: Understanding how elements, systems and environment relate to one’s well being.
  • Present Moment: Valuing actions and thoughts on current experiences over past and future.
  • Gratitude: Living in a state of appreciation for small things,  and to return kindness. 
  • Integrity: Being honest, committed and always doing your best. 
  • Compassion: Embracing sympathetic consciousness of others and self. 
  • Nurture through Nature: Living in awareness that nature is a restorative aspect of human existence. 
  • Stewardship: Shepherding and safeguarding the value of the resources that support us.

The Call for Support

Increasingly, studies confirm that holistic practices assist in bringing positive change to certain forms of depression, anxiety, weight gain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, migraines, memory problems, irritability and other health related challenges.

In the USA, approximately 77% of children and adults have some physical symptoms caused by stress; 73%, psychological symptoms. Even more alarming, 50% of those with psychological symptoms cited irritability or anger as the prevalent symptom (American Psychological Institute of Stress, 2013).

At this critical moment in human and planetary development, OM Sanctuary hears the call for a holistic retreat center, educational scholarship programs, and charitable initiatives focused on Body, Mind, Spirit, and Nature as a way to provide profound support and education for these changing times.

Types of Programs and Topic Categories

The five types of programs guests can participate in:

1. Presenter Led – Educational Learnshop (i.e. Workshop), Seminars, Demonstrations, Classes etc.
2. Professional Program – Trainings, CEU, Certifications
3. Special Event – Concerts, Festivals, Fundraisers, Public Celebration, Receptions etc.
4. Sacred Ceremony – Ceremonies or Celebrations with spiritual content or experience.
5. Personalized Healthy Lifestyle  – Rest and Renewal Stays, Wellness Treatments and Sessions

Five Topic Categories

1. Wisdom & Inspiration – motivational, inspirational, multi-cultural, spiritual etc.
2. Mindful Practices – meditation, yoga, qigong, etc.
3. Health & Wellness – massage, nutrition, coaching etc.
4. Sustainable Living – eco-friendly, permaculture, plant, wildlife etc.
5. Transformational Arts – multi-media, music, painting, dance etc.

While Visiting OM Sanctuary

All guests have access to the contemplative destinations: the Serenity Garden and Waterfall, the 41 woodland acreage with a Tranquility Trail and the Renewal Center. The common areas are cell phone and electronic free zones (Wifi and cell phone use are available in designated locations). To provide the best allergy free environment, OM Sanctuary is a pet free and smoke free campus. Children age 12 and over are welcome if they are participating in a program. While visiting OM Sanctuary, you are encouraged to take the time to:

  • Explore enriching holistic educational opportunities
  • Disconnect from your modern devices to reconnect to yourself
  • Quiet the mind and visit our meditation rooms
  • Connect with your natural rhythms and nature
  • Deepen your daily routines with mindful living practices
  • Improve your sense of well-being
  • Rest, renew and rejuvenate through wellness offerings
  • Connect with other like-minded people or the solitary aspects of your self

Campus Use: Semi-Private or Exclusive Use

Our intimate campus offers Semi-private or Exclusive Use of the indoor and outdoor areas described in the campus venue. There is one Cabin Unit available for private group retreats.
Semi-private use of the campus limits your program to your contracted venue only, with shared lodging options. All other outdoor and indoor areas are common spaces shared with other retreat guests.
Exclusive Use is the private use of the Sanctuary Pavilion areas and outdoor venues (certain limitations will apply). The Woodland Cottage lodging and Sanctuary Garden Pavilion lodging are included in the package.
Group Cabin Retreat is available as a rental for Groups (includes families with children, pet and smoking free) who would like to have private use of a cabin with a kitchen. Limitation on using the main campus will apply.

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Our Location: Asheville, NC

OM Sanctuary is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains on a 54 acre campus just above the French Broad River, 1.5 miles from the heart of downtown Asheville. The city is a premier national destination for wellness, eco-tourism, mountain heritage, the arts, and local, independent restaurants offering organic farm-to-table fare. The alignment between OM Sanctuary and Asheville is a cornerstone to the retreat’s location.


Come live, love, learn, and laugh together!