Natural Living & Education Center in Asheville NC

Blue Ridge Mountains

The Phoenix Campaign


The Phoenix is a well-known mythological creature in many ancient cultures. It has always been regarded with great awe, as a fabulous bird of good fortune. From the ashes the new phoenix is born, rising with the morning sun to spread its glorious new wings and to live another lifetime.

With your help, OM Sanctuary will cultivate new life from the ashes of Richmond Hill Inn. In your giving, bear in mind that centers of this kind are where leaders like Deepak Chopra received their start. We ask for profound giving, knowing OM Sanctuary will offer profound, life-changing, educational experiences.

To open a retreat center, it takes around $8-15 million. We are halfway there! With another $4.5 million we will meet our goal and have a Grand Opening in the summer of 2013. We have the buildings, gardens, and wooded acreage. We need a program space and eco-dorms for affordable options. As part of our soft opening with the facilities we have at present, we will host 1 or 2-day events that fit our mission and vision and include overnight stays. See the Bring a Program page for more information.