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Staff Highlight: Patty Levesque

Patty and her Daughters

Patty and her Three Daughters

Patty Levesque is OM Sanctuary’s Guest Services Supervisor and has been with us for over 1 year now. Over 3 years ago she fell in love with the healing environment of the sanctuary attending programs and volunteering. She stated she loved watching the organization grow. After traveling to the Omega Institute, Patty was happy to see a non-profit in the south east with similar offerings and decided to become a part of the team. Patty is a mother of three daughters and has a loving partner who she loves to hike, dance and garden with. In the following interview, she illustrates her love for OM Sanctuary and its mission.

What Initially Drew You to OM Sanctuary?

For years I had dreamed about Asheville having a holistic educational retreat center with offerings like yoga classes, wellness teachers, organic and healthy food, a growing community, life enhancing programs, and access to nature. I had attended a few events and volunteered at OM Sanctuary, and loved the feel of the place. As I watched the vision for OM Sanctuary grow, I felt like it had the potential to become this educational space for Asheville, and this was exciting to me.

Having worked as a bookkeeper/office manager for 20 years at Mountain Xpress, I was ready for a change. When the opening came up for a Guest Services Supervisor, I was interested and ready to join the team of this growing non-profit. Being in on the ground floor of this organization with so much potential ahead is part of what feeds me.


What is your favorite aspect of working at OM Sanctuary?

As Guest Services Supervisor, I am often the first person that people meet upon arriving at OM Sanctuary. As the first face and

Patty and her partner Russ

Patty and her Partner Russ.

voice to greet many retreatants, I appreciate being able to help retreatants learn about the programs we offer. It feels great to share with them my knowledge of Asheville and the surrounding areas – for instance: fun things to do in nature, health & wellness, nice restaurants to check out, and the beautiful, interesting areas to visit and enjoy.

Working with a good team of folks is another favorite aspect for me, which goes with a saying we have here at OM Sanctuary, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”


What is the most heartwarming Guest Services moment you have experienced?

Being able to assist with the Hindu Unity Ceremony (wedding) that took place here in August was a meaningful time for me. To see families of different nationalities come together from all around the world to share in a beautiful, traditional, cultural event full of love was really touching.


Which of the OM Sanctuary values resonates most closely with you?

Knowing that we serve our retreatants a healthy, wholesome, tasty breakfast is one area that resonates with me. Having cooks in the kitchen who know about purchasing local organic produce and care about what is being served to retreatants is very valuable.

Also the fact that OM Sanctuary offers daily holistic classes that encourage good breathing, moving, and awareness is something I value in my own life.