Natural Living & Education Center in Asheville NC

Blue Ridge Mountains

Visitor Q&A

Where can I find travel information and directions to OM Sanctuary?

Click here to view our Travel Information page.

Is OM Sanctuary a non-profit?

Yes, OM Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) educational organization whose mission is to inspire health lifestyle practices through holistic education and connection with nature.

What are the office hours?

Office open weekdays from 9:00a – 5:00p

What are the onsite Guest Service hours?

7 days a week 8:30a – 9:00p

Are children allowed?

Children under 12 years old are prohibited.

Are animals allowed on property?

Domesticated animals and emotional support animals are prohibited on campus. Service animals are the exception to the policy. Note: Many guests have allergies to animals.

Is there Wifi access?

Wifi is free to retreatants and available in the lobby as well as select Sanctuary Pavilion Rooms. To help reduce the electric magnetic fields on campus the 9 Woodland Cottages are wifi free.  

What kind of technology is on campus?

To help enhance your sanctuary within, OM Sanctuary provides TV-Clock-Phone free retreatant rooms and common areas. Ipads are used for Holistic Class reservations.

Is there parking?

Parking is free to all overnight guests. Restrictions may apply.

Are there electric vehicle charging stations?

The campus is currently looking into EV options but does not offer it at this time.

Is food available on site?

Rest & Renewal Retreats include a breakfast buffet and additional snacks at a fee. Meals are nutritious and vegetarian/vegan. Other programs such as Wellness Immersion will include breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

Is alcohol allowed on site?

Hard alcohol of any type is prohibited. Wine and beer may be consumed in the privacy of your room. An Environmental Fee of $250 will be applied if this policy is violated and if spillage or stains damage OM Sanctuary property.

Is alcohol allowed in a program?

Hard alcohol of any type is prohibited. Requests for wine and beer must be pre-approved and if permission granted from OM Sanctuary. Consumption will be limited to the venue connected to your program. An Environmental Fee of $250 will be applied if this policy is violated and if spillage or stains damage OM Sanctuary property.

Is smoking or vaping of any type allowed on site?

OM Sanctuary prohibits the use of any type of smoking or vaping. An environmental fee of $250 will be applied if this policy is violated.

Is OM Sanctuary a Nature Based Campus?

Yes, please bring comfortable clothing for classes, campus with appropriate footwear for paths and trail. May need rain gear, umbrella and flashlight.

What activities are available onsite?

OM Sanctuary offers a 54 acre campus with contemplation destinations such as the garden with waterfall feature, benches, and a walking trail located in the 42-acre conservation forest. A meditation room, daily Holistic Classes, wellness treatments, private sessions and programs are available.

How do I register for Massage & Holistic Classes?

OM Sanctuary is now utilizing the online and Mobile app scheduling service, MINDBODY. All holistic classes and appointments such as massage therapy and private sessions will now be made through this scheduling system. It allows flexibility and efficiency when it comes to scheduling your classes and has functions including wait lists, payment options, and easy-to-view schedules. Please note: When you create your account, it is vital to subscribe to notifications in order to receive confirmation texts or emails for appointments and/or changes to your schedule.

Click here for reservations.

Will there be props provided for Holistic Classes?

OM Sanctuary provides props such as: yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets on a first come first serve basis.

Does OM Sanctuary offer massage?

Yes, OM Sanctuary offers signature massages and other wellness treatments. The Oshun Renewal Center provides private sessions, signature massages, and  wellness treatments (with add-ons such as sauna sessions, dry brushing)

Click here to view the full wellness menu.

Does OM Sanctuary recycle?

Recycling and other eco-friendly practices are available.

Where is OM Sanctuary in relation to Asheville?

OM Sanctuary is in the city of Asheville, located just 2.5 miles to the heart of the city.

Can I walk to downtown Asheville?

Some of the routes from downtown to OM Sanctuary are without side walks. Traveling by vehicle is advised.

 Is camping available?

At this time, camping is unavailable at OM Sanctuary.