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Program Descriptions

Welcome to OM Sanctuary’s Program Descriptions Page.

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Meditation is Cheaper than Medication

Rest & Renewal Stays

Soothe your body-mind-spirit! 2-Night Minimum includes: Light Breakfast Fare and Holistic Classes.  The Rest & Renewal Stay is the perfect retreat opportunity for individuals, couples or groups to “Disconnect to Reconnect”. During the stay, retreatants are invited to explore educational offerings, mindful life-practices, contemplative destinations, wellness treatments and Holistic Classes, such as: yoga, meditation and body-mind fitness.  Stroll through the beautiful and romantic Serenity Garden with waterfall or hike the Tranquility Trail while experiencing the benefits of the cell phone-free common areas. This  beautiful eco-friendly nature-based retreat center is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains above the French Broad River, 1.5 mi.  from the heart of Asheville.
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Weekly Holistic Classes

Vitality is important to an individual’s overall health and outlook on life.  OM Sanctuary offers all ages the opportunity to enhance their health through holistic movement and other transformational mind-body-spirit practices in a safe, nurturing and non-competitive environment.  The weekly classes are provided by certified instructors offering a variety of mindful fitness such as Yoga, Mat Pilates, DancIntuit, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Ageless Grace and Meditation.
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Enrichment Seminars

The seminars are the perfect introduction to mindful practices, hands-on demonstrations, transformation arts, or ceremonial arts and are held on  most Saturdays to support individuals wishing to learn and explore holistic options as a means to enhance their quality of life.  Qualified professional instructors share their knowledge of sustainability, personal transformation and well-being with the general public as well as OM Sanctuary Rest and Renewal retreatants.  The programs will be 3-5 hours long.  Depending on the facilitator, the programs will be tuition-based with a scholarship program and discount to supporting members. The facilitators will be OM Sanctuary faculty, cutting-edge practitioners or visionaries in their field.
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Learnshops (aka workshops) can be 7, 5 or 3 day extended programs offered to support individuals desiring to deepen their learning base by immersing themselves into “Life Enhancing” programs. The programs will cover a variety of subjects such as: personal transformation, Farm to Table cooking, bodywork, holistic alternatives, sacred geometry, health for children, death and living, body-mind-spirit, holistic healing and self-discovery programs.

Trainings | CEUs

A number of Learnshops (aka workshops) offer certified trainings or are eligible for Continuing Education Units (a unit is 10 accredited hrs.) for health practitioners/professionals, body workers and Yoga Alliance registered teachers. The mission of this program is to foster an optimal learning environment where participants students feel fully supported and can completely dedicate themselves to the study.

Special Events

Occasionally OM Sanctuary offers something outside of the normal programing to inspire, educate or bring community awareness to a larger level.  Special events will come in the form of motivational programs, concerts, fundraisers, festivals, ceremony, celebrations and other.
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Health and Wellness

The Oshun Renewal Center offers health, well-being and revitalization for the body-mind-spirit supported by therapeutic, educational private sessions (Yoga, Tia Chi, QiGong etc…) and relaxation techniques. To assure availability, it is recommended that Retreatants pre-register for their private session or massage at least 1 week in advance. There is a 24hr cancellation policy.  The Integrative Massage treatments  are designed to increase circulation, promote general relaxation and bring a sense of calm.  For those desiring relief from pain or chronic muscle tightness, deeper and more specific techniques can be used by the massage therapist to focus on areas in need. Hot Stone can also be used to help melt away tension and invite a deeper relaxation. The dry sauna offers a meditative environment and detoxification. 828.252.7313

Submit a Program Proposal

For groups, event coordinators, presenters or organizations looking to bring their own program, OM Sanctuary offers the opportunity to hold extended retreats in a nature-based sacred environment.  Partial or Exclusive Use, of the campus and venue space may be available to programs that align with the nonprofit mission to inspire healthy lifestyle practices through holistic education and connection to nature.  Programs that work well with the OM Sanctuary mission are Body-Mind-Spirit oriented group immersion retreats looking to offer workshop/trainings/CEUs, Sacred Ceremonies (including weddings, right of passage, seasonal celebrations), transformational arts, alternative health, sustainability/green initiatives,  inspirational teachings/lectures/demonstrations or for groups desiring a stress reducing environment.
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The mission of the Volunteer Program at OM Sanctuary is to help individuals cultivate holistic life-practices, embrace mindfulness, offer opportunities to witness and experience avenues for health, sustainability, transformation, well-being and self-discovery.  Dedicated service for others is an important part of mindful practice and personal growth. OM Sanctuary has enjoyed working with college interns, community volunteers and the OM Sanctuary Board. In gratitude for their loving contribution!
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Special Initiatives

OM Sanctuary recognizes how focused charitable initiatives can serve the public by positively influencing lives and communities with life-enhancing opportunities, education, leadership, support, empowerment and well-being.  OM Sanctuary’s initiatives offer a way to move a “ripple effect” of sustainability and health forward.  The programs are made possible  by volunteers and through the special giving from  OM Sanctuary’s patrons and donors.
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Legacy Scholarships

OM Sanctuary will offer scholarship opportunities to make it possible for qualifying individuals or groups (regardless of financial status or background) to participate in or hold classes, seminars, certifications focused on holistic education and other life-enhancement learning opportunities. Within the limits of OM Sanctuary’s resources, scholarships will be available based on financial need, unusual or extenuating circumstances, personal desire, professional commitment and the “ripple effect” of how applicants will share what they have been gifted forward. The scholarships will be available based on the giving and support made possible by OM Sanctuary’s faculty, patrons and donors.