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Create an immersive experience for self renewal and connection to nature. This package includes: one over night stay, light breakfast, Holistic Class and contemplative destinations.

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OM Sanctuary Programs offer opportunities to enhance ‘body mind spirit’ through holistic education, ceremony, transformational arts, connection to nature and mindful practices.

Weekly Classes

thumb_meditation hands for weekly classesAvailable to the public and complimentary to the Rest and Renewal Retreatants.
Enhance your ‘body mind and spirit’ Daily Holistic Classes
Oshun Renewal Center, Studio 1


Past Events



Messages to the Heart with Elise and Phil Okrend
February 13, Saturday 2pm-5pm
Enrichment Seminar


Journey to be Free Naturally

Your Are Worth It – An Emotion Code Weekend Retreat

What Now? New life after cancer

EFT for Stress Release, with Nancy Allen

Transformation Through Touch Drawing, with Kim Bella and Stephan Martin

The Law of Attraction Mastery Tools, with Larry Watson

We Are the Gita, with Gillian Culff

Finding Poetry in Nature with Annalinde Metzner

The Practice of Meditation with Jerome Smith

Messages to the Heart with Elise and Phil Okrend

Open House & Conservation Easement Celebration!

EFT for Stress Release with Nancy Allen

Food, Health and Longevity with Angela Hind MD

Messages to the Heart with Elise and Phil Okrend

Nourish Your Soul Women’s Weekend Retreat

Inner Transformation and Daily Life with Caroline Wyrosdick-Webb

Self-image with Caroline Wyrosdick-Webb

Make Visions Happen with Caroline Wyrosdick-Webb

Spring Cleanse with Dr. Kristine Kopp

Transformational Journey with Barbara ReadGive and Receive Love with Caroline Wyrosdick-Webb

Exploring the Ocean of Love with Caroline Wyrosdick-Webb

Raw and Living Foods Juice Cleanse Retreat with Judi and Carl Murphy

Messages to the Heart with Elise and Phil Okrend

Healing the Heart Space by Samadhi Productions

Self Care for Nurses with Lourdes Lorenz

Messages to the Heart with Elise and Phil Okrend

Detoxification for the Body, Mind & Soul with Dr. Kristine Kopp

Yoga with a Pulse by Asheville Percussion & OM Sanctuary

Forward Vision by Samadhi Productions


New Year’s Eve “Illuminate your Intentions” by OMS and Asheville Percussion

Gift-Mist Sprays with Shelli Stanback

Candle Light Solstice Meditation with Mark Vignali

Immunity Booster with Dr. Kristine Kopp

Messages to the Heart with Elise and Phil Okrend

Self-Help for Vitality and Youth with Willow Walker

Mindful Eating, Mindful Life with Dr. Mary Ann Iyer

Stress Less! with Dr. Kristine Kopp

WNC Mountain Hiking (Catawba Falls) with Bev MacDowell

Fall Cleanse with Dr. Kristine Kopp

Ecomusics & Ecomusicologies 2014: Dialogues Sponsored Event at UNCA

WNC Mountain Hiking (Mt. Craig) with Bev MacDowell

A Taste of Farm Tour with Appalachian Sustainable Agricultural Project (ASAP)

Fall Equinox: Personal Medicine Wheel with Mikki Fraser

World Music Sound Healing Journey with Larry Cammarata, Linda Cammarata, Billy Zanski

Wild Edible Plants (NTLH Nature Series) with Marc Williams

A Return to Our Rhythms – 7 Solstice Retreat – In partnership with Asheville Percussion Festival

Medicine in Your Back Yard (NTLH Nature Series) with Sandi Ford

Deep Listening: Heal Your Heart, Heal the World with Dr. Michael DeMaria

Medicine in Your Spice Cabinet (NTLH Nature Series) with Sandi Ford

Vision Quest with Dr. Mary Ann Iyer

Yoga of the Voice Workshop: Authentic Voicework with Stephanie Heidemann – Training/CEU

Finding Poetry in Nature, Gaia Speaks Through Us with Annelinde Metzner

WNC Mountain Hiking (Mt. Craig/Mt. Mitchell) with Bev MacDowell