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Wellness Immersion Retreat


Nurture Your Sanctuary Within


“Connect to inner wisdom and balance”

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

Add-on a Program to your Rest & Renewal Retreat  

 Wellness Immersion Retreat: Wednesday – Sunday
(4 Night/5 Day)  Additional meals, workshop sessions, massage and all classes

 Mindfulness Weekend Retreat: Friday-Sunday
(2 Night/3 Day)  Additional meals, workshop sessions, massage and all classes  

Mindful living. Enhance your sense of wellbeing and escape the habits of your fast-paced life by joining the Wellness Immersion 5-day or Mindfulness Weekend 3-day Retreat.  Discover the wisdoms and inspirations you hold within by participating in these speciality focus sessions like FOREST BATHING and deepen your experience by harmonize with other like minded individuals. Other focus session may include components for mindful living, self-care, holistic fitness, nutrition, tools for inspiration, transformation arts, all offering experiences to enhance one’s quality of life. The sessions are mindfully designed by OM Sanctuary’s expert faculty.

How the sign up works. By choosing your lodging you are signing up for the entry level Rest & Renewal Retreat (R&R). The R&R  includes: Lodging, nutritious breakfast, ability to relax, 2 classes a day, and access to the Wellness Center’s treatments and private sessions. To reconnect to your inner sanctuary, the campus has gardens, contemplation destinations and trails within our nature preserve. Reserve Lodging Here Then add-on the Wellness Immersion Retreat or the Mindfulness Weekend Retreat.

Contact Mary Liske at [email protected] for details and questions.

2020 IMMERSION DATES: Wednesday-Sunday

  • July 8-12featured class on Sound Therapy with Linda Go
  • July 22-26featured class on Forest Bathing with Mary Liske

The JOY of nurturing well-being and deepening life enhancing experiences

  • Orientation and Schedule 
  • Study Guide & Journal – For recording discoveries and observations
  • Featured Focus Sessions – Each session has a specialty theme and focus.
  • Daily Meals: Vitalize the body with a nutritious vegetarian breakfast, picnic lunch, and dinner
  • Daily Holistic Classes: 2 per day (e.g. Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation and Qi Gong) – Increase flexibility, strength, and  mindfulness
  • Mid-day Centering – This faculty-guided practice will allow individuals a reflective pause in the day and an opportunity to embrace mindful awareness (available only on select days)
  • Excursion (Wellness Immersion Only) – Off-site nature excursion and lunch is weather dependent and TBA by season
  • Chia Chat Presentation – Leading topics or demonstrations on wellness to inspire and educate
  • Entertainment – An evening of local music (select dates)
  • Wellness Treatments (one 60-minute Integrative Massage included) – Rejuvenate and sooth your body and mind through a treatment in the Oshun Renewal Center
  • Closing Class & Ceremony – A group highlight on the closing session
  • Departure gift – A touchstone to assist with integration back into daily life after retreat
  • Eco-friendly-recycling stations – Live in gratitude and help sustain the earth’s resources
  • Contemplation Destinations – Break the habit of “doing” and find the wisdom of quieting the mind and resting the body
    • Trillium Meditation room
    • Lounges
    • Wifi in select rooms (silenced devices)
    • Serenity Labyrinth Garden and waterfall feature
    • Tranquility Trail – 42 acre forest
  • *Programing and activities vary daily and seasonally. If space is limited, retreatants who have signed up for the R&R and Wellness Immersion Retreat will have placement priority.  All wellness sessions are on a first come basis.

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  • Wellness Session or treatment such as a massage (48 hr. reservation suggested: 828.252.7313, 24hr. cancellation)
  • Additional program or class, find by searching date range
  • Take your practice home. The OM Monthly Newsletter offers inspirational wellness articles, a monthly practice for each month, nutritional recipes, updates and promotions.