Natural Living & Education Center in Asheville NC

Blue Ridge Mountains

Rest & Renewal Retreat – ON PAUSE UNTIL WE REOPEN JUNE 2021


Nurture the Sanctuary Within


“Disconnect to Connect to Self Awareness and Inner balance”

Retreat on a personal level and leave the pressures and challenges of a fast-paced world behind

3-day/2-Night minimum (or more) includes: lodging & class

By choosing your lodging you are signing up for the entry level Rest & Renewal (R&R) Retreat. Lodging rates vary and add-ons are available.

Choose Lodging and prepare to enjoy this opportunity to relax and revitalize while retreating in a wellness oriented and nature based environment. In this day and age where people of all ages are overly scheduled and stressed this low key program is ideal.

  • Start your morning with a nutritious, vegetarian (vegan option) buffet breakfast. Revitalize in a morning class and restorative in an evening class such as: yoga and qi gong
  • Evenings are purposefully open, offering the option to visit the surrounding area.
    • OM Sanctuary’s 54-acre beautiful retreat is the hidden gem of Asheville. The center is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with access to site-seeing, waterfalls and hiking opportunities
    • We are above the French Broad River with parks with walking trails, biking, hiking, disk golf, water sport activities and more less than 1 mile from Campus
    • The campus is 2.5 miles from the heart of downtown Asheville, NC.
      • Asheville is known for its healthy restaurants, historic sights entertainment, shopping with other unique
      • If you choose to eat on sight for lunch or dinner Asheville offers catering delivery services
  • How the add-ons work. Choose your lodging then you can add-on massage, other featured workshops (view), events, or Wellness Immersion Retreat or the Mindfulness Weekend Retreat (view).
    • Note: Lunch, dinner, massage and focus sessions come with these two programs
  • When you reserve or sign up for additional programs, you will be directed to the MindBody Online portal for registering

Contact Wellness & Programs Director at [email protected] for details and questions.

This revitalizing R&R Retreat includes:

  • Personalized Retreat – The joy of self-designing a day
  • Lodging – Quiet the mind with natural views and TV-clock-phone-free rooms 
  • Breakfast: A nutritious vegetarian (vegan option)
  • Daily class (Additional fee-Donation Based Class): Increase flexibility, strength, mindfulness

    • Limited space, sign up is required
  • Eco-friendly recycling stations – live in gratitude and help sustain the  earth’s resources
  • Contemplation Destinations – break the habit of “doing” and find the wisdom of quieting the mind and resting the body  
    • Trillium Meditation room
    • Lounges
    • Wifi in select rooms (silenced devices)
    • Serenity Labyrinth Garden and waterfall feature
    • Tranquility Trail – 42 acre Nature Preserve 

Programing and activities vary daily and seasonally. Space is limited, and advanced sign up will assure your placement in the classes, programs, and entertainment series you wish to attend.  IF, you are unable to attend something you have signed up for it is IMPORTANT to remove yourself in advance so others on the weight list may join.

Enhance your retreat:

Deepen your experience for a more immersive impact: