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OM Care Initiative

is designed to reduce stress and bring rest and relaxation to those who work for the hundreds of non-profit charitable organizations across Western North Carolina. According to studies, an estimated 75% to 90% of visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints.   Through generous donations, OM Sanctuary will support our community’s dedicated  “non-profiteers” and ripple health and well being forward. By helping one ~ you help many. This program provides qualified employees the opportunity to receive an OM Care Health and Wellness Package.

Non-Profit Employee Nomination Form

If you work in one of the Western North Carolina’s qualified non-profit organizations and you know of an exceptional employee who has touched the lives of many through their dedication, work and compassion, you are invited to nominate one of these employees for 2015.  If  selected, that employee will be awarded the OM Care Health and Wellness Package which includes: 1 overnight stay at OM Sanctuary, 1 relaxation massage, nutritional breakfast, access to holistic classes and the meditation rooms, hike the Tranquility Trail, or relax by the Serenity Garden Waterfall.

OM Care Press Release

OM Care Awardees

Stephanie Moore

OMCare Awardee-StephanieMooreExecutive Director of the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design.

In addition to being Executive Director of this national arts non-profit organization, Stephanie wears many hats. She is a facility manager, development director, party planner and most importantly, a devoted mother. Over the past year, Stephanie has orchestrated the move of the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design from Hendersonville to downtown Asheville. All the while, she has expanded the staff, maintained high quality local and national programming and successfully managed the build out of the new offices. She is a devoted fan of her children’s football games and rarely takes time out for herself which is why her OMCare award will be a needed respite!
Thank you, Stephanie, for creating the wonderful new exhibition space in downtown Asheville at 67 Broadway with the intent of being  “a strong voice for the next generation of craft artists and scholars”. We all intend to enjoy it and hope you find needed rest and relaxation at OM Sanctuary after this great accomplishment.

Roz Marlowe

the very first OM Care award. For 29 years, Roz has managed the Health and Bodycare Department at the French Broad Food Co-op.  Roz possesses a great wisdom of plant and nutritional medicines and has generously shared this knowledge with generations of Co-Op shoppers. She generously provided clear-headed, knowledgeable, and helpful advice to countless individuals in their times of great need, when they or their loved ones were suffering from illness or ailments. She has ensured that the shelves were always stocked with the highest quality medicines and health products, often holding space for herbs or products not carried by other stores. Roz is the essence of a wise medicine woman and in her founding role at the Co-op, has provided immense value to our entire community.
(image credited to Peel to Moon Photography)