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MountainTrue and OM Sanctuary

OM Sanctuary is highlighting MountainTrue an organization that has helped strengthen the holistic management of invasives in our forest. This blog post is dedicated to our ongoing partnership with MountainTrue. MountainTrue is a local organization in Asheville that, “envisions Western North Carolina with thriving communities that are connected to and help sustain


MountainTrue enjoying a break in our Serenity Garden.

a healthy natural environment.” Among the many amazing projects that MountainTrue

undertakes, one of them that has affected OM Sanctuary directly is their help to remove invasive species’ from the Richmond Hill Park, and from our very own campus. In fact, MountainTrue facilitated one of our volunteer days where many local Ashevillians came to help identify and remove invasives from our property.


Checking out invasives on our easement.

Bob Gale, MountainTrue Ecologist and Public Land’s Director recently stated: “MountainTrue recognizes the value of the OM Sanctuary’s rich forest community, which occurs on its conservation easement within Asheville’s city limits. The fact that it is situated so closely to the City’s only forested tract, Richmond Hill Park, is significant. Portions of both tracts are threatened by infestations of non-native invasive plants, which can spread to each tract by wildlife movement and human activities.

MountainTrue has been performing invasive control treatments with volunteers at the Park for several years and we have helped the Sanctuary with training in similar treatments. This ongoing work at both locations will reduce the back and forth movement of these invasive species. We look forward to future partnership with OM in restoring the forest’s impacted portions, ultimately enriching the Sanctuary’s healing focus on “Body, Mind, Spirit, and Nature.” —Bob Gale – MountainTrue Ecologist & Public Lands Director.

Here are some photos of MountainTrue in action at OM Sanctuary!:


MountainTrue at their recent OM Sanctuary retreat.


Listening to a presentation at OM Sanctuary.