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Meditation Retreat in Asheville, NC

Enjoy a Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Asheville, North Carolina

A sanctuary can be a place of refuge, a nature reserve or a holy place. OM Sanctuary is a peaceful sanctuary where you can rest and rejuvenate during a meditation retreat, in Asheville, North Carolina, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The retreat center offers personalized stays or group programs in a tranquil environment, with lodging, beautiful gardens, holistic classes, two meditation rooms, spaces for yoga, access to wellness sessions and nature trails. OM Sanctuary is more than a mindfulness retreat destination; it is a holistic sanctuary.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

While on a personal retreat at OM Sanctuary look for meditation classes or use the beautiful meditation rooms to support you on your inward journey. At OM Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 holistic educational organization whose mission is to inspire healthy lifestyle practices, you will have access to enriching educational opportunities and classes. The center offers a space where you can start exploring a meditation practice or deepen your existing practice.

Cultivate mindfulness on your personalized retreat by attending one of the Weekly Holistic Classes. Enjoy meditation, yoga and other holistic retreat experiences. Compassionate, certified instructors offer a variety of class options such as:

  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Qigong

Private classes and one-on-one instruction are also available. For deep relaxation, wellness sessions and therapeutic massages are offered by request and a sauna and two meditation rooms are available for your use.

When planning your meditation retreat, consider the Rest and Renewal Stay, a minimum 2-night program that allows you to personalize your activities and schedule. During your retreat you will have access to educational opportunities, wellness sessions and holistic classes in transformational life practices.

Retreat Lodging

OM Sanctuary offers a selection of luxurious to quaint accommodations to fit the varying desires of individuals, couples, and groups on meditation retreat vacations. The Woodland Cottages are the perfect option for larger groups wanting private lodgings for their meditation retreat center experience.

For those looking to share accommodations for groups coming to the meditation retreat center, the Dormitory-3 bedroom Cabin sleeps eight and comes with a kitchen and common areas for a communal option.

Sanctuary Garden Pavilion offers16 private rooms and luxury suites, featuring views of the Serenity Garden and waterfall.

Enjoy Nature On Your Meditation Vacation

A meditation retreat at OM Sanctuary is an opportunity to unplug from your cell phone and computer, and reconnect with nature and your own inner wisdom. Cultivate mindfulness while enjoying the abundant natural beauty on the retreat’s beautiful 54-acre property.

Quiet your mind and open your heart in the Serenity Garden, a serene place with a waterfall, abundant flowers and trees in the heart of OM Sanctuary property. For walking meditation, enjoy the solace and nature along the Tranquility Trail, which offers peaceful exploration for your retreat experience.

Your Journey Awaits

The time is now to disconnect and reflect. OM Sanctuary would love to hear what you’re seeking in a meditation retreat center experience, and how to help support your journey. Whether you want a quick weekend getaway or a long personalized yoga and meditation retreat, OM Sanctuary will assist in exploring your desires. Inquire about our Rest and Renewal Stays, a personalized retreat that includes holistic classes in transformational life practices.

If you have been considering taking a mindfulness retreat, OM Sanctuary can assist you in your meditation vacation. Contact the center online, or call 828-252-7313 10am to 6pm EST any day of the week for assistance. Reservations for a Rest & Renewal (personalized meditation retreat) Stay can be booked on-line at any time.