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Macrobiotic Madness!

Introducing Christopher DeWilde, OM Sanctuary’s new Chef and Kitchen Coordinator!

chef-1Christopher brings a sense of balance to the kitchen and has begun working with local/organic food providers to ensure that OM Sanctuary will be able to offer the cleanest source of nourishment for the mind, body and soul. When Christopher was a child, his grandparents owned two restaurants along the Ohio River Valley in Evansville, Indiana where his mother and family all worked together. In his early 20’s, he began waiting tables and bartending for a variety restaurants throughout Northern Indiana where he directly learned about the importance of customer service. After working in the “front of the house” for seven years, Christopher enrolled at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago (a Le Cordon Bleu program) in 2005 and graduated in the top 87% of his class in 2007 after finishing his externship at the House of Blues Hotel in Chicago. Christopher received his first job as Chef du Cuisine at Adesso in the north side of Chicago and worked there for nearly two years at which point the “big city life” began to wear on him. In the fall of 2008, Christopher moved to Green Mountain, North Carolina where he lived in an Organic Farming Community where he was introduced to the global Macrobiotic Family.

chef-3Devon and Ryan Johnson, the daughter of the farm’s owner and her husband, had been instructors at the Kushi Institute for Macrobiotic Learning for over 7 years before moving to North Carolina. Devon and Ryan began to instruct Christopher in the key principles and concepts of Macrobiotic Cooking. After a few months, an opportunity arose with a former director of the Kushi Institute to open a vegan/macrobiotic cafe/catering business in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. Christopher joined the Johnson Family in relocating to Pittsfield, Massachusetts and their business, Dancing Vegan, opened in the summer of 2009. While working and being a part of key staff at the Dancing Vegan, Christopher was well instructed in Macrobiotic principles, concepts, theories, cooking, and preparation techniques. He had many teachers from the Kushi Institute including Dan Esko, and Phiya Kushi (the son of Kushi Institute founder Michio Kushi).

After some life changing events in late 2013, Christopher moved back to the mountains of Western North Carolina and began coordinating kitchens at transformational festivals and Native American gatherings. With the encouragement of the spiritual community in Asheville, he began his own small holistic catering company in the summer of 2015. Christopher is the Owner/Executive Chef of Macro-Ninja Catering and Event Services, a small holistic catering company based out of Asheville. By combining his passion for local/organic foods, contemporary cooking style, and preparation of healing foods, Christopher has created a flavorful blend of ancient and future cuisine.

chef-2In March of 2016, Christopher was encouraged to apply for the Chef position by a close friend who works in Guest Services for OM Sanctuary. During the first weekend of October, another friend who had stayed a week at the beautiful OM Sanctuary also encouraged him to apply for the Chef position that had just opened up. A few weeks later Christopher stepped in as OM Sanctuary’s Chef, a position that will allow him to bring all his talents to the table.

In addition to serving nutritious meals, Christopher and OM Sanctuary are looking forward to offering Nutritional Education & Cooking Classes to the public in 2017. “This is the job I have been preparing for my whole life”, said Christopher DeWilde. “It is like I am stepping into something that my soul made an agreement with long ago to prepare for this role. I am looking forward to many, many years of working with OM Sanctuary.”