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“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” -E.O. Wilson

We Have Saved a Forest!

Together we share a global risk of loosing our forest and natural habitat.  OM Sanctuary has placed a (permanent rescue) conservation easement on 42-acres of urban forest that boarders the French Broad River. Why?  It is known that native habitat is becoming scarce and forest mono-cultures are the new takeover, placing many of the native flora and fauna at risk. As our green spaces are compromised or disappear, more adults and children are suffering in both health and from what is now being called, Nature Deficit Disorder

OM Sanctuary provides a platform for educators and for the public to experience health attained by being in natural surroundings. Public health is connected to the health of the planetary environment.

Your donation will help support an organization that cares about a whole system approach to wellness and sustainable living.

OM Sanctuary has been engaged with sustainable stewardship projects since the purchase of the property. As caretakers of a beautiful property, OM Sanctuary recognizes the importance of restoring the native plants for the health of all the living things in the region. Education programs focus on holistic solutions, education, and practices that can enhance the resilience of our ecosystem for the sake of people and the planet. Engaging in forest mediation, yoga, walking, ceremony and more, in the woods, offers a way to calm the nervous system, mind and recharge the soul.

The invasives had done a take over making parts almost uninhabitable. Together, we make a continued difference. Every year with our volunteers, donors and eco-friendly non-profits partners, we are returning our forest back to a balanced beauty.

WHY JOIN US? The more that join together, the more we all become part of the future SOLUTION for preserving life and health. Your donation will help in the continued ecological restoration efforts, get us the educational signage needed and will help our team maintain the safety of the trails. 

Ecosystem Restoration Timeline: 

  • 2011: OM Sanctuary donated the Pearson Bridge property to RiverLink during the initial Richmond Hill purchase. At the purchase both parties set aside a 20-foot strip for the future City Greenway passage. OM Sanctuary retained riverside access on the French Broad River for programs and continued restoration.
  • 2012: OM Sanctuary participated in a Hospitality Greening Assessment with the Waste Reduction Partners (WRP) on February 3 & 22, 2012 of the facility to understand its carbon footprint. The Hospitality Greening Assessment was executed by WRP along with Catawba College interns and OM Sanctuary volunteers. The assessment was received on April 4, 2012, with guides for the implementation of the organization’s ongoing energy efficiency changes.
  • 2014: In partnership with The Nature Conservancy and with the assistance of OM Sanctuary’s summer intern from William Smith College, the first stage of the campus holistic Forest Management Plan was implemented. 
  • 2015: To further our commitment, a Deed of Conservation Easement on April 13, 2015 was placed on the 42 acres of undeveloped woodland forest with Southern Appalachian Highlands (SAHC) Conservancy as our partner.
  • 2016: A Forest Stewardship Plan prepared by SAHC the OM Sanctuary forest was adopted on August 30, 2016.
  • 2016: MountainTrue and OM Sanctuary partnered to begin an ongoing invasive removal with volunteers for OM Sanctuary’s 42-acre forest.
  • 2017: A Forest Carbon Sequestration Evaluation’s was prepared on April 17, 2017 by the EcoForesters and OM Sanctuary’s intern from University of Southern Florida.
  • 2018: On April 6, 2018 a phase I, Prescribed Burn took place in the OM Sanctuary woodland acreage. The burn was led by The Nature Conservancy in partnership with Asheville Fire Department training crew.
  • 2019: Beginning in March, OM Sanctuary accelerated the invasive plant removal. The treatments consist of a combination of applied herbiary removal with goats, cut stumps, low-impact foliar treatments, and forestry mulching operations.
  • 2020: Restoration work continues and OM Sanctuary entered into a partnership with Muddy Sneakers. Together we have created a way for 5th graders to spend a day doing their science curriculum in a real forest environment.

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