Natural Living & Education Center in Asheville NC

Blue Ridge Mountains

Old-Progress Reports

The First Year

When OM Sanctuary purchased the Richmond Hill Inn, they received a property that was layered with mystery. The Michel’s received the property out of bankruptcy and eager to find a buyer, gave OM Sanctuary little time to establish as an organization. RiverLink, Inc. stepped in as a fiduciary while the non-profit status application process was underway. In order to uncover the mystery, OM Sanctuary inventoried the facility and grounds and stabilized the bones of the building. The discovery stage also involved several areas of clean-up, most notably of the burned Pearson Mansion. All those working on the project have come to deeply appreciate all the effort that goes into creating a sacred space for our program participants.

With clarity of our priorities and the goals ahead, OM Sanctuary has been busy renovating the guest rooms, researching next steps, and getting to know the vendors, volunteers, and community who have helped us along the way. After months of what we call an in-depth “spring cleaning,” OM Sanctuary hosted an Estate Sale where over 700 people perused and purchased items from the former Richmond Hill Inn. Emptied of the vessels of the past, OM Sanctuary began the process towards crafting the long-awaited vision. In the words of Shelli Stanback, Visionary Executive Director, we began a pursuit to “OM-inize” the property.

OM Sanctuary partnered with innovative environmental organizations to create a facility and preserve that would support sustainability as well as enhance the rest and renewal of program guests. Along with our lead consultants, the OM Sanctuary Core Team is moving forward with integrity through the groundwork stage and into the opening of our rooms with classes and programs for the Asheville community and beyond.


flowers2011 was a year of rolling up our sleeves and focusing on stabilizing the facility, setting goals, researching next steps and getting to know our vendors, volunteers and community. Many of you know our space went through some pretty hard times with the fire, bankruptcy, and a few years of neglect. We are now ready to spring clean, inventory and sell Richmond Hill items that will not fit into the next stages. Below is our quarterly progress report to update you on what we have done and some of our exciting initiatives. (link to come)…


rosesOM Sanctuary staff and volunteers enjoyed spending the summer months outdoors clearing out the gardens, participating in sacred ceremonies, and preparing the facilities for guests. The Richmond Hill Inn Estate Sale attracted hundreds of community members eager to take home their piece of history. The countless hours of cleaning, painting, and organizing have brought us to a very exciting moment – we will soon be opening our rooms for overnight stays. Read More…