Natural Living & Education Center in Asheville NC

Blue Ridge Mountains

Plant Activation Meditation

Date(s) - 03/18/2018
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

OM Sanctuary

Instructor: Atom Rose

Day: Sunday, March 18, 2018

Time: 5:00p-6:30p

Location: River Cane Studio

Tuition: $25

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Plant Activation Meditation with Atom Rose (plant medicine, breathwork, sound healing)

A guided breathwork and sound bath meditation which activates the chakras to release stress, balance the ego, and explore the subconscious mind. The effect will leave participants feeling more open, grounded, and energetically fulfilled.

A brief lecture and a few drops of a Banisteriopsis caapi tincture will be followed by a guided meditation and group interaction. This tincture is brewed in the traditional way but without the DMT plant additive, making it non-psychoactive, legal, and very powerful energetically. It works as an MAO inhibitor accessing your own natural DMT created by the body. 

Atom Rose comes from a family of healers from various modalities around the planet. His combination of alchemy and plant consciousness, meditation, yoga, bodywork and sound creates new bridges to help us embark on our journey of self discovery, healing and growth. A native of Los Angeles, he grew up in the Caribbean, England and the high desert. He returned to L.A. to continue his education in music and various forms of healing. This lead him to traveling extensively in South America and working with the Shipibo-Conibo as well as with other teachers and curanderos of the jungle.

For more information about the Plant Activation Meditation event contact [email protected]