Natural Living & Education Center in Asheville NC

Blue Ridge Mountains

Labyrinth Part 2

Date(s) - 06/11/2016
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

OM Sanctuary

Walking Ariadne’s Thread to Freedom

This 4-part Labyrinth series is based on learning about this ancient geometric form as a powerful tool to enhance self empowerment bringing personal well being, emotional state, creative flow, and connection with both your egoic & divine self. Attending more than one seminar will build a real sense of labyrinth education and expertise, but each part can also be taken as a stand-alone.

Date: Saturday, June 11th
Time: 2:00 – 5:00pm
Tuition: $45
Registration: Program Sign Up

In this seminar, you will awaken the inner, intuitive voice and transcend usual limits to design a walk able labyrinth. Learn about techniques for walking a Labyrinth, including:

  • Wind up and wake up the labyrinth by circumnavigating the pattern clockwise
  • Pause at the entrance and visualize your desires
  • Breathe, Trust, and Listen to your center for the answer
  • Close your labyrinth walk by circumnavigating the pattern counter-clockwise

These techniques will enhance the phases of labyrinth walking:

  • Path inward – all that is no longer needed or is not important to your walk falls away
  • Center – Find illumination and accept the Light of the Solution
  • Path outward – consider how this walk will manifest in a positive, practical way in your life after its conclusion and with intent, Ground the Illumination of the Solution.

In the closing ceremony, participants are invited to expand on and deepen their understanding by suggested “hOMeplay” and readings.

Not included on webpage:
“hOMeplay”: Make, walk, and trace at least one labyrinth per day and record your thoughts.

Suggested reading for Seminar 2: “Walking a Sacred Path” Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress ISBN-13: 978-1594481819