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International Day of Peace – Saptah Chanting

Date(s) - 09/21/2013
10:30 am - 2:00 pm

OM Sanctuary


Join JoJo Silverman, Melanie Leenhouts, and OM Sanctuary for a Saptah chanting to honor the International Day of Peace.

Established by the United Nations General Assembly, the International Day of Peace has been celebrated every year since 1982. In 2001, by unanimous vote, the General Assembly adopted the resolution to observe the international national day of peace on September 21st, declaring it a day of non-violence and cease-fire.

Millions of people around the globe come together to celebrate the vision and experience of peace. At 12 noon local times, there are silent vigils to honor the peace that is always present when we take a moment and connect. The more people around the globe connecting, the more that the presence of peace can be felt resonating in our collective consciousness.

Here in Asheville, we are offering a few hours of continuous, meditative, Saptah chanting with the intention of creating a direct experience of peace that will be shared with the world.

What is Saptah? 

Saptah is a slow, call and response chanting of the mantra Aum Namah Shivaya. Saptah means seven, and this chant is traditionally chanted for 7 days and 7 nights. The powerful hypnotic resonance of this chant can take us deep inside, calming the nervous system. Through the breathing pattern that this chant requires, and the soothing, a-rhythmic overtones of the instruments used, a slow and meditative field is created. No experience or skill is necessary to participate, and the chant is simple and easy to learn!

We will be chanting from 10:30 am until 2pm. You may join us at any time, but it is requested that you move slowly and quietly within the space. This vigil is a powerful opportunity to pray that everyone who wants to may experience deep peace, and to remember our vision for the world we are creating.

Please bring a cushion if you prefer to sit on the floor (recommended). Chairs will be provided. Please leave your cell phone in the car.

The Saptah will be held in the Sanctuary Pavilion. Please check in at Reception. This is a FREE community event. Donations to cover OM Sanctuary’s operating expenses are welcomed.


Check out this trailer – The film will be shown at the chanting.

Sponsored by: Devotional Music Foundation & OM Sanctuary