Natural Living & Education Center in Asheville NC

Blue Ridge Mountains

‘Fine Art Mandalas of Nature’ Art Exhibition Part I of Solstice Celebration

Date(s) - 06/20/2013
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

OM Sanctuary

Fine Art Mandalas of Nature: Opening Reception for Guest Artist Taylor Johnson

5:30pm Opening Reception & Sanctuary Stroll

6:30pm Artist Presentation of ‘Fine Art Mandalas in Nature’

7:30pm Community Solstice and Sand Mandala

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“The Elemental Mandala series has been created with deep inspiration from and gratitude to the energy that lies at the core of all things – the energy of life. Each mandala is created from a single, un-altered photograph of nature, and each mandala is my interpretation of and homage to the underlying energy of that which is photographed.” The mandalas are printed on metal, giving them a clarity and vividness not seen in any other print medium – they truly have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The evening will feature tea served by Dobra Tea, live music, hors d’œuvre, and the creation of a community sand mandala.



Taylor Johnson (Taz), a North Carolina native, has called Asheville home since 2006. Under the name TazDigital, he works in the Asheville region as a freelance photographer and videographer. Taylor has a deep appreciation for life, nature and the experience of being alive – and that appreciation comes through in the time, care and intentionality he brings in to the creation of the mandalas.





Community Solstice & Sand Mandala with Martha Kiger

The group sand mandala will be started at 7:30pm. Martha will lead us with a short talk about creating an intention and “how to.” Everyone will be welcome to add to it until Sunday morning when we dissolve it.