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Chai Chats: Mindful Eating

Date(s) - 09/22/2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

OM Sanctuary

Faculty: OM Sanctuary & Community Educators

Date: Saturday, September 22, 2018

Time: 2:00p – 4:00p

Location: Trillium Room

Sliding Tuition: $5 – $35  Pay what you can. Please Note: $15 supports this program. $20 + supports those who pay less than $15.

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Sip a complimentary chai tea and gather with a qualified professional(s) in their field who will share leading edge knowledge in the form of presentations on health, wellness and sustainability. The educational content will be inspired by one of OM Sanctuary’s six educational categories including:  Wisdom & Inspiration, Mindful Practices, Health & Wellness, Sustainable Living, Transformational Arts, and Personalized Retreats. AppalaChai is a sponsor of this program.

Upcoming Programs Saturday Schedule:

  • 9.22.18, Mindful Eating: Lisette Gallaher ~ Explore the wonders of bringing awareness to the food that is eaten. During this Chai Chat, the benefits of mindful eating will be discussed, both mentally and physically. The discussion will be put into practice during a guided meditation including slowly eating various kinds of foods, such as berries and nuts. Develop awareness more deeply and learn that mindfulness and meditation are not confined to seated breath work, but are actually cultivated and sustained in how seemingly every day tasks, such as eating, are approached.
  • 9.29.18, Raw Cacao Indulgence: Brynda Bechtold ~ Come feel the love and learn the value of raw cacao. Tastes will span from the basic bitter to the synergistic melding of natural flavors. Enjoy and savor four Mannaplanet treats:  Orange Sunshine Macaroons, Rock Stars, Hempnosis Mint Tarts and Brazil Caramels. Learn the health aspects of heirloom raw cacao and how it impacts the endocannabinoid system. There will be a time of cacao contemplation complemented by a reishi cacao elixir. Mannaplanet treats will be available for purchase.


Previous Programs:


  • 06.16.18, Daily Serenity: Elle Jai Taylor~  It can be challenging to practice yoga & meditation with a busy schedule so come learn some quick tips and tools that will intersperse balance, calmness and serenity into anyone’s day. In this presentation, the participants will learn how to bring peace and mindfulness into everyday life within only 15-60 seconds. Bring some sticky notes!!
  • 06.30.18, Introduction to Meditation: Marcel Anders-Hoepgen~ In this Seminar, you will learn to understand what Meditation is and how to reach this state of mind. We will discuss the benefits of a regular practice, different traditions and exercises and how to set up your own meditation practice. 
  • 06.23.18, The Power of Breath: Marcel Anders-Hoepgen~ In the Siddha-Nath Tradition of Yoga, breath is regarded as the most powerful tool, to still the mind, reach physical, emotional and mental clarity and perfection. Learn about the innumerable benefits of proper breathing and Pranayama (the science of breath/energy control)
  • 07.07.18, Astrology of the Eclipse Season: Virginia Rosenberg~Every 6 months, we experience an eclipse portal. Eclipses come in pairs, and sometimes triplets. They hold major astrological influence and set the tone for chapters of life we work with for 6-18 months. Come learn about the astrology of eclipses in general and the partial solar eclipses of July 13 and August 11 in particular. See how the themes apply to your life and how to best align with the cosmic energies afoot.
  • 07.14.18, Somatic Mindfulness: Caroline Richardson~This chai chat will be an experiential introduction to mindful embodiment, following the model of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) – where relaxation meets personal growth. You are your own best teacher, healer, & therapist, especially when you create the intention and conditions to listen to your body (such a rich source for guidance and wisdom). A PRYT session is a fantastic way to “get out of your head and into your body”, and position yourself to receive transformative, empowering information from your deepest self. These sessions are normally conducted 1-on-1 (client/practitioner), but this experience will be modified so that each participant can take their own journey of self-inquiry and receive the right medicine for them.
  • 07.21.18, Soul Journaling: Nicole Buonocore~Give voice to your soul, your unique essence!  Create a vision journal through a collage of images, sketches, paintings, written word, photos, lyrics poems and finds from nature. We will have fun using this organic, spontaneous, & creative process to capture our unique visions for our lives.  Our journals will encompass abundance, health, spirituality, love, dreams, our calling, career, bliss, sensuality, self-care, creativity, our home, family, travel, & anything else your soul may desire. ($10 material fee)
  • 07.28.28, Learn How to Deal with the Mind: Marcel Anders-Hoepgen
    The mind can be your best friend, or worst enemy. Understanding how the mind works, will give you many easy possibilities to change the way your life is. Or as the Buddha said “you create your world with your thoughts.”
  • 08.04.18, Chi Empowerment: Celandine Miller ~ In this presentation, Chi or Universal life force energy will be discussed and explored. Also included will be basic principles and modern tools to balance Chi in order to live more fully. Chi overlaps and connects with ancient studies such as Reiki, Prana, chakras, meridians and Auras. Listening to the whole self and increasing health through raising daily Chi levels with action and thought will be the focus of this Chai Chat. Celandine Miller, LMBT, learned the ancient martial art of Tai Chi at age 5 and continues to use Chi to heal as a Massage Therapist and Thai Yoga Practitioner.  She currently teaches the Yang style 24 form Tai Chi on Tuesdays at 9:30 at OM Sanctuary.
  • 08.11.18, Catching Your Breath: Christine Weise ~ The breath is often taken for granted. In this presentation participants will learn to incorporate simple breathwork into  busy lives.  Quality of breath is directly related to the level of energy during the day and how people feel moment by moment. In this presentation, there will be an overview of how breathing takes place. Several techniques will be offered for evolving the quality of breathing during the day. Information will be shared about how Ashtanga yoga and structural massage can contribute to improved breathing.
  • 08.18.18, Making an Herbal Healing Salve: Susan Haas ~ Sustainability in life comes in many forms and creating handcrafted body care products is one of these. Feel the empowerment from knowing what is being put on the body, especially for healing purposes. Participants will learn the benefits of all of the ingredients being used in the healing salve that will be created during this session. This healing salve is great for cuts, scrapes, burns, chapped lips, new tattoos, etc. and each participant will take home a 1 oz tin of this powerful, yet gentle salve. ($5 material fee).
  • 08.25.18, Empowerment & Affirmations: Alexis Barris ~ Tapping into how to unfold the true and best person within and learning to cultivate a world of truths is the focus of this session with movement and healing artist, Alexis Barris. Whether focusing on self and/or on others, step into the power that is calling. Participants are going to learn step-by-step tools on how to trust the guide already within! Be ready for a steady, balanced life of abundant miracles.
  • 09.15.18, Living an Empowered Life!: Janese Derrough ~ The focus of this Chai Chat is creating more happiness with each new day! Learning to work with that inner magnetism can make a huge difference in all areas of life. When standing in this true inner strength, the magnetism and energy attract situations and people that add the ingredients to support a richer happier life. Participants will learn and implement all the tools needed to create more happiness. Janese Derrough is a nationally acclaimed Empowerment Guide teaching groups and individuals for over 30 years on areas of intuition, empowerment, vision boards, and mindfulness. She lives in Asheville, NC.

Cancellation Policy: Registration is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the program you registered for, your tuition fee can be transferred to another individual or go to support this program.