Natural Living & Education Center in Asheville NC

Blue Ridge Mountains

Body Re-Awakening

Date(s) - 03/26/2016 - 04/02/2016
12:00 am

OM Sanctuary

Cleanse and Detoxify led by Carl & Judi Murphy

raw food Judi and Carl MurphyThe ancient healing art of Fasting and/or Cleansing & Detoxifying is a valuable skill to obtain and add to your personal health maintenance toolbox. We invite you to come and learn how to prepare for and transition into and out of a successful cleanse. You will then have the option of participating in a 3 to 7 day Living Foods Cleanse at OM Sanctuary with nutrient dense, organic live juices, blends and tonics that will sustain and nourish your body throughout the day.
Warning: side effects may include mental clarity, weight loss, and a healthy glow.

After educating yourself on the positive benefits to cleanse and detoxify, sign up for your own March 26th – April 2nd!

Your daily living foods cleanse package will include over one gallon of organic juice, blends, and liquids as follows:
1. Vital Green Juice Cocktail = 16 oz.
2. Pro-biotic Master Cleanser Lemonade = 64 oz.
3. Super Foods Meal Replacement Smoothie = 16 oz.
4. Raw Soup = 32 oz.
5. Goddess Synergy (Herbal Roots Tonic) = 8 oz.
6. Routine / Instruction Guide