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It has been historically true that non-profit organizations like churches, libraries, hospitals, schools, museums, and universities have been critical contributors to the development of our shared society.

OM Sanctuary is a new kind of non-profit educational institution that is just beginning to take hold in American society. Looking at health, personal growth, community and environmental issues through a holistic perspective and teaching integrative practices for balancing body, mind, spirit, and connection to nature, is beginning to be more and more important in society.

When we face multi-layered, complex problems, health and life challenges, then holistic, systems-oriented thinking becomes crucial to many, in order to arrive at sustainable solutions.

Retreats like OM Sanctuary,

become the incubator for new consciousness and ways of thinking.

While it is difficult to accurately gauge the precise effects of centers like OM Sanctuary, just as it is with other non-profit community institutions, we can get some idea of the potential from looking at the impact these kinds of retreat centers have had in the last 20 years.

For example, five of the most influential people in holistic medicine got their first inspiration through retreat experiences. Doctors Deepak Chopra, Jon Kabot-Zinn, Parker Palmer, Richard Davidson, and Dean Ornish have all made significant contributions to how we think about health care and illness in this country… and they all started their inquiry through participation in retreat activities.

garden populatedOM Sanctuary has touched my life!

OM Sanctuary is making this world a better place!

Through our combined commitment to healthy lifestyle practices, in 2015 OM Sanctuary has offered:

  • Over 275 holistic classes
  • Nearly 300 scholarships
  • 20 Enrichment Seminars
  • 11 Presenter Led Programs
  • 3 OM Sanctuary special events
  • 1 OM Care Award and 1 Women’s Enrichment Award
  • 4 Legacy Scholarships

OM Sanctuary’s projected impact 2016:

  • 1200+ holistic classes (four classes per day)
  • Nearly 500 scholarships
  • 22 Enrichment Seminars
  • 25 Presenter Led Programs
  • 33 OM Sanctuary special events
  • 1 OM Care Award and 1 Women’s Enrichment Award
  • 8 Legacy Scholarships