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Retreatant Reflections pt 3

9ff96584088bad2db12d4c2d63fa815dWe recently sent out a guest feedback request and we were overwhelmed with amazing reviews. Thank you everyone that responded!

Published studies show that keeping a gratitude journal or openly expressing what you are grateful for can help improve your emotional and physical wellbeing!

During this season of giving thanks, please accept our sincere expression of immense gratitude to all of our retreatants, past and future. Below are some of your favorite things that we heard from you about your time spent at OM Sanctuary. May we continue to inspire healthy lifestyle practices through holistic education and a connection to nature.

“The OM Sanctuary provides a retreat environment to refresh and renew your mind, body and soul.”
-Christine Pearson, Kennesaw, GA.

“It’s a peaceful place to regain your sense.”
-Neil Caudle, Pittsboro, NC.

“The resort provided a quiet and private sanctuary.”
-Elizabeth Hooker, Charlotte, NC.

“When we visited your site, neither myself nor my husband Jacques had any idea this was to be our final trip together. He passed away June 18th. We both loved our visit and our quiet talks during breakfast with your executive director. We were already coping with illness but your beautiful accommodations created a final romantic memory for us. Thank you so much!”
-Denise Korn, Atlanta, GA.

5ff36238336ede20b56308831dbbb613“OM Sanctuary provided a delightful place for my friends and I to reconnect, re-energize, and recover from the school year.”
-Anna Discenzo, Cleveland, OH.

“The cabin I stayed in was so peaceful – no clocks and no tvs. Just a beautiful room surrounded by beautiful nature.”
-Paige Jordan, Kannapolis, NC.

“We had a wonderful four days staying, relaxing, and renewing at OM. We left with more energy, excitement, and wonderful memories than we could have hoped for.”
-Joe Green, Washington, D.C.

“When I entered my second floor room overlooking the garden, I felt a sense of calm begin to permeate my body. I came to OM Sanctuary tired and stressed. I loved the big windows, the fireplace in the room and the walking paths. I also enjoyed talking to the staff about life.”
-Brenda Hunter, Ph.D., Chapel Hill, NC.

“I loved the overall atmosphere at OM Sanctuary. Best part was being able to walk through the gardens and just get away from the hustle and bustle of city life!”
-Zachary Johnston, Cary, NC.

“Renewed through mind body practices.”
-Ray Blume

“Lovely peaceful setting.”

“Found you at the last minute and the gardens, trail, room, breakfast…all was an unexpected surprise. So peaceful and beautiful.”
-Jennifer Workinger, Maitland, FL.

0b32ed41125f7239c5a46db2fbb2db81“This place is one of the most peaceful plus beautiful places I have ever been to.”
-Olga Wuerz, Dallas, TX

“It was so relaxing and quiet during our stay. Haven’t been that relaxed in years.”
-Greg Melson, Pawley’s Island, SC.

“Calm surroundings, engaging staff, refreshing experience”
-Lynn Davis, Hopkins, SC.

“We had just completed the Burnsville Metric (cycling event) and were worn out and sore – ready for a massage! Our room was beautiful with a balcony overlooking the gardens, and we saw all kinds of wildlife on our walk from our room to the massage area. What a beautiful and peaceful place! We definitely will go back!”
-Joanna Ridge, Columbus, OH.

These are just a few of the numerous, wonderful things you all had to say about OM Sanctuary! The OM Sanctuary team is endlessly grateful to every single retreatant that steps foot on the OM Sanctuary campus. It it our mission to serve all that come through our doors. Thank you for this opportunity.