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Welcoming OMS’ Artist-in-Residence

Welcoming OMS’ Artist-in-Residence

By on Aug 23, 2016 in OM Sanctuary Blog | 0 comments

Join OM Sanctuary in welcoming Yeye Osun Omileye M.Ed., NCC, (Omi) as our current Transformational Artist-in-Residence! Omi is an artist, healer, author, mother and mindfulness teacher. From a very early age her African-Caribbean family impressed the Ubuntu philosophy, “I am because you are,” onto her. Today she lives this ideal with great depth and purpose. Omi has stated that she hopes to bring more of the interconnected consciousness of the, “We” to the Western idea of the, “I,” and wants to do so with the OM Sanctuary as her foundation. Omi’s journey began with a vivid dream where she received a message and a, “divination by a respected elder and African priest from Nigeria.” Omi states, “He said The Oracle said my dreams were true and the water mother Osun was calling me to help alleviate suffering all over the world.” Eventually, without even fully knowing what this call to action truly meant for her life, Omi took a leap of faith and began to pray. She started to teach more about compassion and love, along with the need to protect our waterways, earth, and to live in a more sacred manner. Omi began holding water ceremonies and blessings and has said that they have become the anchor to her life and teachings. The first unified ceremony was held right here in Asheville on June 25th, and at the same time, there were 35 held all around the world. The next major ceremony that Omi will be holding here at OM Sanctuary is the Lighting of 16 Lights, which will take place on the solstice weekend of December 16th-18th. In addition, Yeye Omileye and her husband Chief Olu, will also be facilitating weekly classes, and monthly sacred ceremonies in the form of water blessings at OM Sanctuary to honor the waters, our earth, and each other through giving special prayers to the Water Mother Osun, and the Elemental Mothers. Honoring the Four Elemental Mothers is about our actions and our heart and being in pure love. Ultimately, for Omi, it is all about walking in total balance and beauty on Earth. Omi’s journey with teaching compassion and respect for the Earth and for each other has brought her in...

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