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December 2017

Release and Rejoice

November 2017

Create Stillness Within

Monthly Practice – Building Mind-Body Nutrition

Plant Medicine ~ Cucumber & Mint Water/Cucumber Salad

October 2017

Falling Into Holistic Wellness

Monthly Practice – Change of Seasons, Change of Space

Plant Medicine ~ Oat Power Rolls

September 2017

Create Your Sanctuary Within

Monthly Practice – Detach and Achieve Happiness

Plant Medicine ~ Oats and Zinc

August 2017

Mental Clarity & Raw Food Living

Monthly Practice – Improving Eating Habits

Plant Medicine ~ Cha-Cha-Cha Chia Seeds


July 2017

“Bee-ing” Mindful of Nature’s Pollinator

Monthly Practice – Intentional Gardening

Plant Medicine ~ Bee Balm


June 2017

Summer Solstice

Monthly Practice – Create a Gratitude Solstice Despacho

Plant Medicine ~ St. John’s Wort


May 2017

Forest Bathing

Monthly Practice – Take a Forest Bath

Plant Medicine ~ Morel Mushrooms


April 2017

Spring As Medicine

Monthly Practice – Go Outside!

Plant Medicine ~ Common Dandelion


March 2017

Spring into Self-Care

Monthly Practice – Self Care

Plant Medicine ~ Peppermint Leaf


February 2017

A Time of Clearing

Monthly Practice – Ritual of Clearing

Plant Medicine ~ Sagebrush & Common Sage


December 2016

Heart Centered December

Monthly Practice – Loving Kindness Meditation

Plant Medicine ~ Pine


November 2016

Monthly Practice – Gratitude

Plant Medicine ~ Apples


October 2016

Monthly Practice – Collect Leaves

Plant Medicine ~ Poison Ivy


March 2015

Monthly Practice – Relaxation Response

Plant Medicine ~ Green Smoothie Recipes


February 2015

Monthly Practice – Creating a Vision Board

OM Care: Self-Care for the Caregiver

Plant Medicine ~ House Plants: Purify your Air


December 2014

Monthly Practice – Self Care

OM Care: Self-Care for the Caregiver

Plant Medicine ~ Turmeric


August 2014

Monthly Practice – Meet Your Feet

Exploring Holistic Landscaping

Plant Medicine ~ Chamomile


July 2014

Monthly Practice – Sound Healing

Counting Our Feathered Friends

Featured Herb & Recipes – Matcha Mint Tea


June 2014

Monthly Practice – Planting the Seed of Positive Language

The Local Nature Conservancy and OM Sanctuary partner to create an Ecological Restoration Strategic Plan

Featured Herb & Recipes – Lemongrass

March 2014

Monthly Practice – Creating Sacred Space

Authentic Voicework

Featured Herb & Recipes – Lavender

February 2014

Monthly Practice – 8 All Natural Tips for Sleep

Disconnect to Reconnect

Featured Herb & Recipes – Ginger


January 2014

Monthly Practice – Chromotherapy

Featured Herb & Recipes – Chocolate Mint


November/December 2013

Monthly Practice – Body Tapping

Featured Herb & Recipes – Cinnamon


October 2013

Monthly Practice – Walking Meditation

Technology Free – What?!

Featured Herb & Recipes – Fennel

September 2013

Monthly Practice – The Power of the Breath

Featured Herb & Recipes – Basil